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  •  Anglické gymnázium, Pardubice
  •  Overnight stay at dogs (cats...) home
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  •  Dog walking
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Dominika H.

180 Kč/hour


  • 18 years

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About me

Welcome on my profile! I really like pets, I have a rabbit lady myself. I am taking dogs from dog shelter for a walks in my spare time. I am not really able to look after your pets at my place but I can definitely look after them at your home. I would go for walks with your dog, even on longer ones, I like to go out for a walk. I would definitely cuddle your pet and played with it. I would of course feed it and change it's water

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

It would be nice to know what your pet can or can not eat and if there is something that your pet doesn't like at all. And if it's dog I want to know if it's friendly to other dogs.


Čeština and English

Můj level angličtiny je B2-C1. Ve volném čase doučuji angličtinu a český jazyk na přijímací zkoušky

Where care:

Primary city: Pardubický » Pardubice » Pardubice » Pardubice V » Pardubice V

Where am I available too?: Cerhenice, Středočeský kraj

Kolín - víkendy + čtvrtek a pátek odpoledne Pardubice - pondělí až středa pozdní odpoledne