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  •  INEM, Medellín, Colombia
  • First Aid Certificate
  •  Overnight stay at dogs (cats...) home
  •  Visit & play
  •  Dog walking
  •  Small (up to 5kg)
  •  Medium (up to 25kg)
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  • Attented online first-aid course focused on children from OS Czech Red Cross Prague 1

Mariah S.

160 Kč/hour


  • 20 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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About me

I have taken care of animals since my childhood. First I took care of my grandmother's dog many times, he’s a calm dog with some problems caused by old age, he is afraid of thunder and loud noises, so I learned to relax him. Then, I had a cat, it was found on the street and had several illnesses and surgeries, I know how to calm them in those situations and help them with the stress generated by post-operative procedures and medications, clean the litter, give them fresh water. I have also dealt with aggressive dogs due to trauma with humans, I know how to behave so as not to make movements that could scare them. I can walk them and play with them in dog parks. I am comfortable with visiting houses to take care of the pets!

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Does the dog have problems interacting with other dogs? Does the dog have trouble interacting with other people (for example, if we are in a park)? Does the dog or cat have a special diet, what can I feed him? If it is a cat, is it social or does it prefer to be alone? Does the dog or cat have a routine or habit?


jsem k dispozici celý týden - i am available all week

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